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Sunday, 21 August 2011

The world changes again

As gunfire rings round the squares of Tripoli, you can also hear the chink of glasses in Downing Street and few wiped brows. This was a close one.

Whether there was more secret support of the Libyan rebels which has gone unnoticed by the media or not, it doesn't matter anymore, within the next few days they will have their man and it will have all been worth it. Running wars is probably never a good thing and probably necessary on occasion to get rid of people like Gaddafi and maybe this was the right time politically and all that.

I think back slapping might be worth holding back on. Gaddafi like Saddam was the devil we knew, but do we know what a new devil will look like. I'm not sure we do, western style democracy in North Africa may still be kept far from the door whilst a new leader insists on getting public order in place with the rifle and brutality.

Good luck to the Libyan people, they deserve a better world, I might be an old cynic but I'm not yet convinced they will get one

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