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Saturday, 15 October 2011

New Story from Writers Cave - Headlights

A bright searing white scorches my eyelids. I can’t look away, caught in the beam. An orange glow burns inside, a central fire fuelling the glow.
‘He’s awake.’
I hear the voice, but it doesn’t register. I open my eyes and the light is gone, but still the orange flame burns as I try to focus on the faces staring.
‘How you feeling today, John?’ One asks.
They say my name but it means nothing. They could be calling me Jim or even Jill. It still wouldn’t make sense.
‘Do you remember who I am?’
‘Yes Doctor…,’ I reply weakly. I do remember some Indian name but it doesn’t come
Another face appears. The same as yesterday.
‘Do you remember me yet?’
Her face forms the question as hope gleams in her eyes. The orange glow still distorts my view making it difficult to pick out features. Long blonde hair surrounds a pale face. Full red lips form a weak smile that I’m happy to kiss. She’s pretty…I like her.
‘Sorry,’ I say and the hope disappears. I know she’s Ellie, my wife, but I no more know her than myself.
I close my eyes to rest and the light returns. I wonder if the dream will come with it. It forms a whole whilst the orange fires dances. It begins to change, now with yellow and green. All the colours have their turn until a black forms. It’s night. I feel the cold and shiver. I’m walking fast, not sure why. Breathing heavily, I can hear my heartbeat. Lights appear in the distance, approaching quickly. It starts as a pulsing glow that draws me in until it grows with the noise of an engine until it’s all I see and then…I’m on the floor. I feel nothing, just hear a voice.
‘Is he dead?’
And then another.
‘Think so. Serve’s him right.’ The muttered twang in the voice distinct as the last time.
He speaks again. ‘Is he awake?’
New words this time and it takes a moment to register.
I open my eyes to see for the first time something I recognise.
‘Do you remember me? I hear you lost your memory.’ That same twang mocking my thoughts.
‘David.’ The name forms on my lips as I hear an alarm sound in the room. I can no longer hear the sound of my breathing.
© S.G.Norris

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