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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Happy Godless Day: The Sun Still Rises

I suppose I should get out more…and many will agree, but just a bit fed up of God Bothering today. Not sure whether it’s unique to today or everyday but seems to be coming out of the woodwork everywhere.

So I am pleading for a day without anyone feeling the need on Twitter or any other media to mention or praise or worship any Lord, God, spirit, deity of any flavour, type, colour or sex. Don’t care whether he/she is all seeing, got a beard or a problem with his girlfriend; I don’t need to know about it. 

I will call it Godless Day.

I don’t particularly want to have a go at people’s faith. It does tend to be a bit mean and selfish. Believe in what you want to, if it makes you happy. But try doing it without bothering me with it. Try having a day without publishing it to the world what a good religious type you are. Trust me, the sun will still rise in the morning whether you’ve banged the gong, bent on your knees and put your life savings in the preacher’s pocket. Why not have a day where you say, ‘today I will motivate myself. I can be a decent human being,’ not to get a stamp in the behaviour book for the next life, but just to be nice to the guy next door or the woman on the bus.

If we all did that for a day, maybe we will realise that we’re not that different after all. None of us are going to burn up in flames and we might be a bit happier.

I’m not under any illusions that people will take any notice, I am just ranting to myself. If anyone does happen to read this, I suppose you would suggest I got out of the wrong side of bed and should just get over it. 

People have all sorts of reactions to dismissing any kind of superstition. Some folk will politely disagree; some will suggest I’m doomed to an eternal hell. Maybe they are all right and I’m stupidly wrong. But I’m willing to put a lot of money on the table that says, just because we forget about praising manufactured spirits for a day, the sun will most definitely appear on the horizon tomorrow morning. How do I know this? Because it did today and the day before, and I’m confident that I’m not the only one who thought that superstitious worship was surplus to requirements.

So I plead for you to try it out. You can still be the same person; as happy and as miserable as you were before. It won’t change. Then perhaps you’ll no longer feel the need to clutter the world up with inane rubbish.

Mind you, if everyone did that, I would have nothing left to fill my books up with.

Have a wonderful Godless Day.

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