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Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Hierarchy of Reason – A Hierarchy of Learning

As the second novel makes it to print the question arises whether this is better or worse than the first.
It’s easy to believe that the first novel, A Very English Reason, packed with storylines, packed with agendas and long thought through characters cannot be repeated. All my ideas packed into one story.
The thing you learn about writing though, is that whilst themes can be common and reused, good characters and stories create their own histories. It is therefore the case the more you write, the more stories you have to tell. One book leads to another and the need to over cram story lines dissipates. You know you can write, all you need to do is write better.
A Hierarchy of Reason is the result of knowing the process of writing a book and getting to the end will happen as long as you keep writing. This gives me the confidence to think more about what I want to achieve and how the characters live, because the book will take care of itself.
Writing like any process works better with practice. Will the next book always be a better book? I don’t always think that is the case but I think every book will have something you learnt from the last one and should mean that you apply it to producing a better product.
Looking forward to seeing A Hierarchy of Reason in the hands of readers and hearing whether they think what I do, that whilst A Very English Revolution is a good read. This one is better.

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