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Friday, 21 January 2011

Got a Publisher for my book - What Happens Next

Weeks and Weeks of letters and submissions, tarting up CV's, wondering how many different ways to say that you are worthy of their interest. And eventually someone says yes. Great

Cue dancing in the street, hey resign from work, new life house in the country, sat pondering the my next masterpiece from my ivory tower.


Now the hard bit starts and this blog is the realisation of what the hard bit entails. My publisher advised me to start a blog as a way to engage with my customers, as thats one of those key relationships needed for the publishing business, someone needs to buy it. In that way a publisher will only print a book they think they sell, they are few that make it through the door because of their litery prowess or have a shiny cover. They want a package they can sell. That includes the author. The author is part of the package and has to put him/herself out there with a big For Sale sign. It maybe a fairly undignified process but that is something to face up to.

So I will run this blog along side a more public one to start that process up to a launch date. So who was it gave me the deal and what does it mean.

Mirador Publisher are a partnership publisher. The deal with them is all about working together to maximise the potential of the book. They want authors who not only have a fresh and interesting story, but like the independant music business are looking for innovate ways to get their work into the market place. It is a small company which gives them the flexibility to adapt to different campaigns. They ask for a contribution to the publishing costs and they ask for you to get your book edited and perfected yourself, this is to ensure you have ownership of the book and are bought into the objective which is shifting units. They will the publish to order and prepare a marketing plan, plus do all the basic admin required to get it listed. They also will produce a cover.

Mirador are extremely selective about the kind of authors they want, essentially this is not just about the book, but whether you understand the relationship with the publisher. If you do pitch to them, then I advise you to make a big play of this.
Mainstream publishers may operate differently but as getting a new author through that kind of door is almost impossible without endorsement, then this is the way of the world.

Tasks on Day 1

1) Book Proofs - Your book is given back to you in the printed format. Now time to check for all those errors that you missed. Your responsibility as it is your book. Get this wrong and forever fear that typo appearing on the shelf of the bookshop. No pressure then.

2) Draft cover - Covers as everyone knows is one of the key things to get right. It gets you attention but is it the right attention. The first draft is not what I expected, so have to feedback my own views on what I want.

3) Marketing - Start to build a profile, website, internet presence. If people are going to buy this book they need to know its coming. So prepare some words about yourself, the book, why you wrote it, what is about, why buy it, why is the best thing on the shelves. Who do you know in the media who might pick it up to review. How do you find those contacts. What can you do that the publisher can't do. Fortunately my book which is centured around Leeds means that I can target local media who may pick this up as interest to their public.

4) Do a blog - done that :)

5) Annoy everyone and anyone you know about your launch date. This is your moment and no time to be shy.

As the days go on, I will update on here how things go.

Comments and questions welcome

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