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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Proof Reading Done - Time to let it go

The final version has been completed. Nervous as hell about it.
One or 2 things to check but I think the changes I have made in this last traunch will do it. Should have the book in my hand in 2-3 weeks. The good thing is that in the re-reading there were things that maybe could have been done differently but mostly the story has enough movement to forgive the odd blemish. Any typos will be the worst to stomach.

The 2nd draft of the cover I discussed over the phone with the publisher and we are now in agreement. Too aggressive and masculine cover so far. I want this book to attract as many women readers as men. Also the added byline likened me to the new John Grisham, and I'm not comfortable with that comparison. I appreciate them trying to think big but I'm sorry, best will in the world, it ain't me, it aint close to the story and I need to have some credibility in this process. So we are working on a better comparison as we agree something to compare too will help sales.

Should have the final package for review next week. I will post on here.

Now the marketing campaign begins.

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