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Monday, 30 May 2011

Back on Line

Been a couple of months since I managed to get this blog turning over.

Well how I filled this vacuum of time?

1) Spent most of it re-editing A Very English Revolution - the old was full of mistakes and I'm especially pleased to know that in the next couple of days it will be out there in perfect form with a little(well lot of) help from friends.

2) Re-energised the art of short story writing with some new ideas. Really pleased with the result and entered some competitions. Not expecting to win as such but happy to be getting some good stuff out there.

Checkout www.sgnorris.co.uk for some examples, Black and White Town, The Phone Number.

3) Learning how difficult publishing and marketing can be. This was always going to be a learning curve but didnt realise how steep. Lots learnt though and I am armed and ready for the next attempt.

So over the new weeks should be a lot more on here.

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