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Monday, 11 July 2011

Time Move's on

Time has been flying by so quickly. I've no idea what happened to June.

Over the last few weeks, I've set up a brand new Writing Site, check out www.writerscave.co.uk
This is great on a personal level for my own writing improvement but also for publishing my name and my writing, plus getting the odd plug out for AVER.

Written a number of short stories and flung them into a number of short story competitions. Whilst I can see the undeniable improvement in my own writing skills, it has returned my any glorious wins. I was hoping for a few credits in the bank to confirm my more confident status but will have to rely on my self for that one it seems for now.

Looking for more opportunities to plug the book out there. Facebook advertising has resulted in a few new connections but little in the way of sales. Suggestions welcome, a place where people would connect to a book online.

Keep plugging away - the right move will come

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