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Thursday, 12 January 2012

A Very English Revolution - Kindle Promotion

I wrote some time ago of the plan for marketing kindle books and how it’s possible by concentrating sales on a specific day you can rapidly push your work up the Amazon charts making it more visible to the general book buying public.

Via Authors.com I have conspired together with some fellow authors to run this promotion. On a fixed day each of us will buy a selected book and see the effect that has for the writer. This can be done for kindle books because they can be sold at a very cheap price. Even at low prices, increased sales can affect the market.

TODAY 13th January is my turn and I will be marketing A Very English Revolution at £1.50 or $2.40 on the enclosed link. If by any chance you haven’t got a kindle copy so far and would find this book interesting I would be grateful if you could offer some support for one day only and buy the book.

A magnificent Crime Thriller…A tale of Modern Britain…a thriller like no other

Why not take a chance on something new and different.
Independent Authors with good books to sell struggle to get their quality work to the market. Taking risks on e-books which are often priced well below their value is a brilliant way to help new work and you never know. You might find your new favourite author.

This is a great tool for Independent Authors, why not set up your group to do the same thing.

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